“Your personalized tailor, because size does matter.”

Our mission is to assist the customers in identifying and selecting the perfect fitting clothes for them. We are making clothes shopping a hassle-free experience using our digital interface.



“Where there is size, there we are for you."

Our vision is to become the exclusive size handling app across all the domains that involve size, not just clothes shopping, also in healthcare, transport and entertainment. And to be used by people worldwide.


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  • Size Corner
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Great ideas are born from highly motivated minds! Such two highly motivated and innovative minds with a clear vision of business came together to innovate and upscale their ideas

Colakin was formed by two such highly talented and object driven people. The founder is technically mastered with 20 years of experience in innovations and product development using artificial intelligence with extensive hands-on experience in software development. The Co-founder, being a process-driven person, possesses a high level of knowledge and managerial skills with more than 10 years of experience in operational support, architecture design and software development. Together they came up with an idea that can benefit a wide range of users and also promotes AI development.

SIZE – Size is one of the crucial parts of everyone’s life. The clothes that we wear and the outfit gives a projection of ourselves to society. Hence the right size and perfectly fitting clothes are considered an important factor. But selecting the correct size and matching to our body shape has always been a challenge. This challenge becomes a requirement when it comes to clothes purchase.

“What if there is an app to guide and suggest the best fit size for the user?”

This challenge ignited the two people to think and come up with an innovative idea, Size Corner and Size Guarantee. Both the apps assist the user in selecting the apt size and type of clothing. This, in turn, eliminates the difficulty and fear of wrong size selection. Artificial intelligence technology comes into play to support the users in selecting the perfect size that they want to purchase.


Get to know the originators of our own Colakin


Ramesh Rajaram

CEO and Founder

“Responsibility lies on the shoulders of the people who can endeavour it.” - Get to know more about our endeavour.

Our founder and Chief Executive Officer Ramesh Rajaram is an innovative and result-oriented entrepreneur who is passionate about designing and developing customer-oriented products. He is a generalist with 20 years’ experience in software product management, bleeding-edge AI Platform architect experience in product and engineering management. He has worked with several organizations such as the CenturyLink (United States of America), Robert Bosch (Singapore), NCS (Singapore) and Telstra (Australia) with different designations. He also graduated in Master of Project Management from the University of Adelaide.

In recent time, Ramesh ventures into new technologies and trends, to look at the future needs of Clothing Retail. To provide innovative ideas to improve a shopper experience on in-store and eCommerce, customer satisfaction and process. He is a visionary leader of cutting edge technology innovations.

He believes in customer-centric product development that marks a strong impression in the life of every user and their day to day life.

Lohamanjari Vaiyali

CPO and Co-Founder

“Great minds think alike!!” - Get to know about another great mind with innovative ideas.

Our Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Lohamanjari Vaiyali is a process-driven person. In her 10+ years of experience, she possesses hands-on experience in software development, operations, management and enhancement. She has supported software development for the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation through NCS. She has also worked with HCL India and NCS Singapore. Simplification of any process or product into a user-friendly manner is her key speciality. And she believes and promotes simplicity in the products.

In recent time, Lohamanjari is helping clothing store business owners and eCommerce to improve customer experience. She does this with technology.

She is an Entrepreneur, Ex CEO of LiveBot.AI. Also a Technical Expert with 9+ years of experience in Investment and Banking and in building enterprise products.

Syed Rahman

Chief Operating Officer

"Collaboration is Key to Growth!!” - Get to know more about our endeavour.

Syed Rahman is a Technical Architect by profession and has delivered Hi-Tech solutions for 17 years in Finance, Retail, Telecom and within the Public sector. Syed has headed dedicated technical teams in India, Asia Pacific and the Middle east for various Telecom, Government and Banking projects. His multifaceted experience has built solid relationships with a broad spectrum of the Retail, Banking, Logistics and Government sectors. Mr. Rahman has worked closely with Policy makers/Advisors, Ministers, CXO’s and several State Secretaries. He has advised Startups, helping with GTM as well as product execution strategy.


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