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No more Trial Rooms!

Size Corner provides a virtual interface to test the clothes through the app without entering a trial room.

Shopping for clothes always reminds us of the various sizes and the effort one puts to decipher the right size and match for them. The most preferred and widely practised validation method is the trial room.

The customer chooses the clothes they prefer and try them on in a trial room to decide if the clothes suit them. But the trial room scenario is not the same in every shop.

The trial room may not be customer-friendly, clean or secure. Hence people have a fear of using trial rooms. Long queues and the waiting time for using a trial room are all common factors for the customers to avoid trial rooms.

Here, Size Corner comes into play as the virtual trial room that the user can make use of in clothes shopping. Size Corner suggests the best-fitted clothes for the customer by comparing them against their size profile. Customer can do this on a mobile phone, on the go, without much effort using the Size Corner app.

Size Corner reduces the time wasted on a trial room and removes the issue of the fit of the clothes as it suggests the perfect fit for each customer.

Benefits & Features


Customer�s privacy is highly ensured by using the virtual trial room and validating their size profile by themselves and choosing the right fit.


The long queue for a trial room or a selection bay is no longer required since the clothes are validated virtually for the customer through the Size Corner app.

Clothes Stock

The retailer need not worry about the available stock in the store. The selected clothes can directly be shipped to the customer without bringing them to the stores.


The customers visiting the shop need not worry about clothes hygiene. The clothes can be virtually tried and thereby avoiding physical contact.


Size Guarantee provides a virtual interface to try clothes through the app without worrying about clothing size.

n the current shopping culture, more and more people are purchasing the clothes of their preference through online platforms. As the clothes are purchased virtually, trying and validating them are not possible. And in many cases, they are not a perfect match, or they do not appear to be a good fit for the customer.

Size Guarantee comes in at the right moment to assist the online shoppers. It acts as a virtual personal tailor that matches the preferred clothes with the size profile of the customer! Size Guarantee also shows the customers of available design options for their size, from which the best can be handpicked without any effort.

Size Guarantee also allows customers to make purchases for any other individual. They just need the size measurements of their loved ones to create a size profile for them to buy the perfect fitting clothes. This promotes online shopping and also reduces the need for returning the purchased clothes of incorrect size.

Benefits & Features

Zero Return

Online shopping, in many instances, results in situations where the customers tend to return the clothes due to incorrect fitting. Size Guarantee can eliminate this circumstance and ensure there are zero returns.

Recommend Best Size

Size Guarantee implements AI decision-making technologies to ensure that the customers are always purchasing the best-fitted clothes.

Easy Integration

The app is integrated with the size profile that consists of the customer�s size data. The app can be integrated for any number of user profiles to include one's family and friends..

Social Integrations

The Size Guarantee can be integrated with any social media profile of the customer for authentication and access.



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