Colakin’s Product Development Model

Colakin's Product Development Model is a comprehensive approach that outlines the systematic development and deployment of our models, specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of our business.

lineIdea generation (Ideation)

Idea generation (Ideation)

At Colakin, we kickstart the product development process by engaging in the generation of fresh product ideas. This phase represents the core of product innovation, where our clients collaborate with us to develop innovative product concepts that are rooted in thorough customer needs analysis, concept testing, and comprehensive market research.

lineProduct definition

Product definition

After finalizing the business case and engaging in discussions regarding the target market and product functionality, the subsequent phase is dedicated to defining the product. This pivotal stage, commonly known as scoping or concept development, focuses on advancing the product strategy to ensure its successful realization.



During the prototyping phase, Colakin team will extensively research and document the product by creating a more detailed business plan and constructing the product. These early-stage prototypes can be as simple as a drawing or a more complex computer representation of the original design.

lineInitial design

Initial design

In the first design phase, the Colakin’s UI/UX team create a mockup of the product based on the MVP prototype. The design should be relevant to the target audience and complement the key features of your product.

lineValidation and testing

Validation and testing

Before launching a new product, Colakin testing team validates and test it thoroughly. This comprehensive process ensures that every aspect of the product, including development, marketing, and functionality, is working seamlessly and effectively.



Colakin takes the lead in commercializing client concept by orchestrating the product launch and seamlessly integrating it into their website. With a well-defined design and meticulous evaluation of development and marketing strategies, we ensure a smooth transition to the commercialization phase

Maximize product value, level up customer experience,and ensure margin growth – all with software product design

Software product design services can increase the efficiencies of businesses of all sizes by helping them get closer to end users and discover what type of user experience customers see as seamless and consistent, and how to transform the product to deliver that experience

Stand out from the competition

Stand out from the competition

At Colakin, we proactively address this issue by taking the initiative to provide our clients with a frictionless omnichannel customer experience, setting them apart from their competitors.

Grow the number of satisfied customers.

Grow the number of satisfied customers.

The more customer experience that client’s product focuses on, the more positive reviews they'll get. And the higher the rating of the product, the more it catches the eye of potential users.

Increase profits from the product

Increase profits from the product

This advantage stems from the previous one. Client revenue rises in direct proportion to the increase in product users.

A software product designer is client game changer

Because software product design services involve a strategic approach to the customer experience during the development process, a product designer is an expert who allows client to see the product through the eyes of the end users.

Solving complex design strategic tasks of product development processes

Solving complex design strategic tasks of product development processes

Client get a specialist who looks at the software product in terms of its constant growth and further development.

Taking responsibility for the customer satisfaction level and its continuous growth

Taking responsibility for the customer satisfaction level and its continuous growth

Client will be given a specific role responsible for customer experience consistency and KPIs such as product development, usage and quality. Equipped with a deep understanding of product details and user needs, software product designers drive the development of both aesthetically pleasing and customer-centric solutions.

Staying in the context

Staying in the context

Colakin experts are ready for long-term commitment and take a holistic approach to product development. By overseeing the entire design process and collaborating with different entities, they deliver deliverables that are feasible and consistent with the overall product vision.

Managing the team of UX/UI designers

Managing the team of UX/UI designers

From conceptualization and prototyping to the delivery of the final product and its constant improvement, a software product designer provides guidance and feedback to other designers involved in product development to ensure all stakeholder expectations are met. With their eye for detail and ability to lead a team effectively, product designers are critical to the success of the outcomes.

Colakin’s software product design services center around customer experience and product value

We provide quality works at an effective cost for custom software development and other services. & QA services

Clients who aim to build lasting customer relationships understand the importance of achieving a seamless user experience. At Colakin, we help our clients accomplish this by integrating a distinctive visual identity with robust business analysis and a meticulously planned development process right from the project's inception.

Unlike traditional collaboration models, where the designer part is ignored while the product requirements are identified or the solution architecture is decided, our experts at all levels lay the solid foundation for an elegant product.

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