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Size Interface

The Size Interface incorporates four basic flavours of intelligence for evaluating the size and come up with matching solutions.

Human Measurement

AI technology interface for retrieving and measuring the human body shape and size. The exact measurements of a human body can be retrieved through any of the following methods.

Body Measurement Tape: The most traditional and typical method of measuring size. A tape can be used to measure the parameter of a human body. This is input can be provided as an input to the application which can process it.

Mobile Camera: Measurement made as simple as a Selfie. Take a picture of the user to whom the cloth is to be purchased. Feed the input to the application for evaluating the size by itself and suggest clothes.

Dual Photo: 2 pictures of the user in straight and side pose can be provided as an input. The size can be retrieved from those pictures using AI techniques.

Continuous and Dynamic measurements: The size retrieval process can be continuous or dynamic. Since the human body measurement undergoes variations with respect to time, size validation is required. Continuous measurement records the user size once in 3 months and keeps a track of the size. Dynamic measurement records the size randomly whenever required and evaluate.

Plugin Intelligence

AI interface for recommending the perfect size and fit for the user based on the received inputs and size measurements. This app also promotes the business by including additional special features.

Recommendation: The app collects and correlates all the inputs from user and comes with a set of solution that matches the user. The user can select the best fit from the list of recommendations. This serves the primary goal of the app

Smart notification & cross sell: : There are multiple of vendors and stores associated with the app. The notifications from these alliances on new arrivals, new model and offers are sent to the customer. The user can make use of such instance and make purchases.

Store driven self services: The app also enhances the business by simplifying the backend process and integration with its partners. The Inventory, billing, CRM and other process can be integrated for better efficiency of service delivery.

Unique digital size ID: : The digital size ID concept uplifts the size utilization and provides an enhanced cloth shopping experience overall. Every user will be provided with a user size ID. This is a self made profile for each user that contains the size, shape, measurement and preferences of the user. This Size ID can be used to validate and purchase any cloth in the future. The digital size ID is unique, safe and secure.

Sizing Intelligence

AI interface for measuring the cloth size and comparing that with the human body measurement. This validation is done with AI and a virtual preview of the cloth is displayed.

Level of fitting: The size measurement can sometime be matching multiple values. In such case the app notifies the level of fitting such as tight, slim, short or large based on the user size and shape.

Virtual Preview: The most pivotal feature of the app is the virtual preview. The cloth that is selected by the user will be previewed with the user picture. From the output result the user can decide how it loos on them and make their purchase accordingly

Variation of cloth and body measurement: In some cases there will be slight variations in the cloth size with respect to the user measurement. Even though the difference is not an impact, the variation is notified to the user. The user can review the variation and proceed with purchasing the cloth if required.

Share save and buy: The clothes that are filtered and validated can be saved in the app or the users mobile. The results can be shared across and the purchase can be made whenever required. The user can buy the cloth whenever required

Clothing Intelligence

AI interface for retrieving and measuring the cloth measurement. This measurement can be compared and validated with that of the user and recommend the best fit.

Take a picture: The user can take a picture of the desired cloth from the store and upload to the app. The size of the cloth from the picture can be retrieved through AI technology. This helps the user to validate the size.

Scan a dress label: Every cloth has a unique label attached to it. This label can be scanned through the app. The size details of the cloth can now be extracted from the details and validated with the user’s size measurements.

Scan a dress barcode: A barcode is an information repository of any product that is used. By scanning the barcode, measurement of that cloth can be retrieved.

Search a cloth: Any cloth preferred by an user can be searched just through a normal text search. The name, brand, size or any other data related to the cloth can be used as a keyword and the cloth can be searched in the app. The matching results are displayed from which the size can be validated.



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