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Size Corner is developed exclusively for shoppers and comes along as a personal shopping assistant. It assists the shoppers with size selection and preference of the best-fit clothes. Size Corner reduces the usage of the trial room by matching the clothes prior in the app and validating the size for the shoppers. By using Size Corner and its features, shoppers can save time that they usually spend trying the clothes.

The size of the shopper can be provided through various input methods and measured accordingly by the Size Corner APP. Once Size Corner has the measurement of the shopper, it can select the best-fit clothes by comparing the clothes size with the shopper's measurement. The shopper has to snap the picture of the clothes they prefer, and the app suggests the best-fit size. The shopper can also purchase clothes for their loved ones using their size profile in Size Corner.



Ordinarily, every customer has a couple of favourite shops when it comes to shopping. So when the customers shop for clothes, they have to visit each website or the stores individually. But with Size Corner, the customers can subscribe to all their... favourite shops and search for clothes in one place. And, if they could not find their size at that moment, Size Corner has the feature to notify the customer when their size becomes available in that store. It makes shopping quite convenient for customers..

Your Size ID

What if a shopper wants to amaze their loved one on a special occasion with beautiful clothes? Usually, selecting clothes for someone who is not present is rather difficult. Because we need to know their size, but sometimes knowing the size does not guarantee... the best fitting. Also, the size varies for each type and style of clothes. Here is where Size Corner comes into play. Size Corner generates a QR code for each profile that has the user's measurement and their purchase history. So all a shopper has to do is capture their loved one's QR tag, then using this QR code they can shop for clothes for the loved ones. No more worry about size and fitting.

Capture Clothes

With Size Corner, checking the fitting and finding the right size of the clothes is simple and easy. All a shopper has to do is scan the label or the tag of clothes. Size Corner reads the size and style of the clothes and tells you what size will be the perfect fit... for the shopper. Alternatively, the shopper can also provide the retailer name, clothes type and clothes size to know their perfect fitting size.

Your Best Fitted Size

When customers shop for clothing, first, they look for a design they like. Then, they try to find whether they have the right size in that design. Say, they could not find their size in the design they like, it might be disappointing for some customers....
Size Corner prevents this situation by listing the clothes that have the customer's size in all clothing category. Also, it allows the customer to look for clothes in a particular store and location. Furthermore, it shows available styles and colours once the customer has chosen clothes. It makes clothes shopping more enjoyable and hassle-free.




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